Development and Construction of Residential, Commercial, and Mixed-use Properties

Our turnkey construction services begins with a thorough market & feasibility analysis, and of course, a detailed cost estimate that optimizes returns by incorporating key elements of design with an eye towards the bottom line. Our company works with a network of affiliates & professionals, including:

  • Designers, Architects & Engineers
  • General & Specialty Contractors
  • Material Manufacturers, Wholesalers & Distributors
  • Energy Efficiency Experts
  • Accountants, Lawyers & Brokers
  • Real Estate Analytics Experts
  • Equity & Debt Partners

Lease, Buy or Sell Properties

Our experts at real estate management assist clients with lease economics and long-term acquisitions. We also coordinate with equity partners that provide capital to buy residential and commercial portfolio properties.

Real Estate Acquisition and Property Conversion

We work with general contractors that are subcontracted for equity partners to speed up the process of real estate acquisition to finalization. Converting properties from one type to another (ex. School Building to Apartment building) is also possible through our designing, building, and construction management services.

Residential and Commercial Property Renovations

Design and renovate your property with our construction team at HCutler, LLC. We offer complete renovations for multi-family homes, single-family homes, and commercial properties to give a fresh look to your real estate.